Save money in Norway buying sports clothing from the UK

Save money in Norway buying sports clothing from the UK
Reebok trainers in Norway

Many people find it easier and much more convenient to order their sports clothing online instead of in-store but did you know that there are also significant savings to be made by purchasing it from the UK? Yes, buying your trainers, gym clothes and sports accessories from UK websites will work out much cheaper than buying them from stores in Norway.

Why is it cheaper?

The reason why you can save money by purchasing your sports clothing from the UK is that consumer prices are 25.12% lower than in Norway. You can get much more for your money by ordering from UK sports websites like Sports Direct and having your items shipped to your home in Norway.

How much cheaper is it?

It varies from one store to the next but we have found that on average, a pair of Nike shoes costs about £82.48 compared to the UK, where the average pair costs around £59.34.

What about shipping costs?

Now we know what you’re thinking – it may be cheaper to purchase sports clothing from the UK but what about international shipping costs? We’ve found that even with international shipping costs added on, it still works out more cost effective to purchase sports clothing from UK websites.

Having said this, there is an even cheaper way to buy sports clothing from the UK and have it shipped to Norway and that involves using a parcel forwarding service.

Parcel forwarding companies basically give their customers a UK address they can use so they can pay UK delivery charges (which are sometimes even free) instead of expensive international charges. The items are then shipped to a UK based depot, before being delivered by a courier to the customer’s home country. It works out much cheaper because these parcel forwarding companies benefit from huge courier discounts, which they pass on to their customers.

Some parcel forwarding companies are also willing to hold your parcels for a certain time period, so you can consolidate your order and ship them altogether, helping you to save even more money!

Visit UK sportswear discount websites to grab a bargain on top brands like Adidas.
Visit UK sportswear discount websites to grab a bargain on top brands like Adidas.

Discount codes

When shopping UK sports websites, it’s also highly recommended that you look out for discount codes online. There are a number of UK websites that you can get discount codes from and you’ll often find them floating around on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter too.

Don’t just shop branded websites

Although you will still be able to make big cost savings by shopping from the likes of Nike, Adidas and other big sports brand’s websites, it’s also worth having a look at Sports Direct and other UK sports retailers. They often stock trainers and other sportswear from these top brands but at discounted prices, allowing you to save even more money on your orders.

Be a savvy sportswear shopper

If you are irritate by having to pay excessive prices for sports clothing, trainers and fitness accessories in Norway, it’s time to broaden your horizons and start shopping on UK websites instead. As long as you use a service like we offer at Parcelflow, it will work out much cheaper. The more money you save on ordering your sports clothing from the UK, the more you’ll have to spend next time you want to place an order.

Be a savvy shopper and get signed up with Parcelflow today. You’ll soon see just how much money can be saved!

Image credits: Daniel Washington and kelleytoombs