Importing Chinese Goods to Germany via ParcelFlow

Importing Chinese Goods to Germany via ParcelFlow
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“Made in China” products have taken the German market by storm over recent years. Germans love the low cost, variety of choice and quality standards which have improved massively over the past 20 years.

We proceed in this article to discuss Germany’s love for Chinese Goods but also some practical problems German citizens and businesses have in importing Chinese goods and how Parcelflow can help overcome these issues.

Germans have come to love the “Made in China” logo

Deutsche Handles Agentur Survey Findings

In a recent survey from Deutsche Handles Agentur [1] a number of interesting findings were made about Germany’s love for Chinese goods:

1)    85% of Germans said they were happy to buy “Made in China” products.

2)    Around 8.9% of all German imports are from China.

3)    Around 60% of purchases the country of origin was not important, in these cases Germans were happy to buy from China.

Popular Chinese Products in Germany

Germany buys a wide range of Chinese goods but items which are particularly popular include electrical equipment, TVs, clothing, toys, radios and computer equipment.

Why Germans Buy Chinese Goods?

Germans buy Chinese goods for a number of reasons, these include:

i) Low cost – this is the main unique selling point of buying Chinese goods within Germany

ii) Many German businesses rely on buying Chinese goods to sell on for a profit; this is especially the case with affiliate sellers on eCommerce sites such as EBay and Amazon

iii) Chinese manufacturers have repositioned themselves in recent years to provide higher quality products which is reassuring to the German population

Germans like to buy both German and “Made in China” products

The Problems German Customers Face Buying Chinese Goods

There are a number of problems which German customers face unfortunately when buying Chinese goods. The main issues experienced are:

i) High transit charges are often made by Chinese Companies to distribute goods, as the customer is seen as a one-off deal by the seller

ii) Exorbitant customs charges are applied by German authorities to import Chinese goods into Germany

iii) Goods are destroyed by German customs as counterfeit

iv) Many Chinese businesses don’t offer an export service at all, especially smaller eShops

Why is Parcelflow a solution to this problem?

Parcelflow can be relied upon to provide a solution to the importing of Chinese goods into Germany. Parcelflow offer a parcel forwarding service for Chinese goods.

To access this service customers from Germany need to register with Parcelflow. Each German customer will be given their own unique Parcelflow UK address. Goods received at this UK address will then be forwarded to the German address.

This will prevent high customs charges being imposed on receipt in Germany as the parcel will be from the UK and also reduce the chance of goods being destroyed (not that Parcelflow would knowingly ship counterfeit goods!).

So why not register with Parcelflow today and start saving money on Chinese goods? This service is available in other countries too, so feel free to register and save money in other countries too! Find out more about how parcel forwarding works with Parcelflow at this link.



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Image Credits: Elaine Mendes and Matt Lemmon