Make Valentines Day Rosier With Parcel Forwarding Savings to Loved Ones Abroad

Make Valentines Day Rosier With Parcel Forwarding Savings to Loved Ones Abroad
Little parcels of love

Valentine’s Day provides the perfect excuse for you to shower your loved ones in gifts. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or even a family member, the high street stores will certainly have you spoilt for choice this year!

Whilst many couples spend Valentine’s Day together, doing something special like going for a meal or having a cosy night in, others aren’t so lucky. But if your valentine is working, studying or living abroad this year, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your special day. Thanks to parcel forwarding services, you can still shower them with gifts and make Valentine’s Day that little more rosier, even though you’re spending it apart!

What is parcel forwarding and how does it work?

Parcel forwarding is pretty self-explanatory. It is basically a service provided by companies, which involves collecting people’s parcels and forwarding them on to another address. The idea is that by using the parcel forwarding service, people make significant savings on international delivery.

Say for example, you wanted to order a Valentine’s Day hamper full of goodies from the UK and ship it out to your Valentine in Germany. Rather than paying expensive international delivery costs to have it sent to your partner’s house in Germany, you could instead use the parcel forwarding service and have it shipped to the company’s depot – simply paying the cheap UK delivery fee.

The parcel forwarding company would then provide you with a list of courier services you can use to send your Valentine’s hamper to Germany. Their courier services will appear much cheaper than you are probably used to paying and that’s because these companies are privy to huge discounts due to all the parcels they send out on a daily basis. You would then select a quick and cheap service and the parcel forwarding company would organise the delivery on your behalf. It’s that simple!

Sending multiple items from different webstores

If you are really splashing out on gifts this Valentine’s Day and are placing orders from multiple online stores, you will benefit from using the consolidation services offered by Parcelflow. Parcel consolidation basically means that we will hold off forwarding your parcels until they’ve all arrived so they can be shipped together, saving you even more money!

Make big cost savings on Valentine’s gifts

Most of the time you will find it much cheaper to buy Valentine’s gifts in the UK and use a parcel forwarding service to ship them abroad. Consumer prices are much lower in the UK than in many other countries and you will also benefit from greater choice.

By using a parcel forwarding company to send your Valentine’s gifts to loved ones abroad, you will save yourself having to pay expensive international costs which can be in the region of £20 and up, depending on the country you are sending your parcels to. Not only that but you will also benefit from discounted courier prices, which you would not be able to secure alone.


So what are you waiting for? With just over a week to go, now’s the time to start buying your Valentine’s gifts and organising your parcel forwarding service to make sure your orders arrive in time for the big day! Signup with Parcelflow for free today, you’ll love the service!

Image credits: ohsohappytogether and Zylenia