Make Savings – Buying Medicine Online in the UK – Rather Than Over the Counter

Make Savings – Buying Medicine Online in the UK – Rather Than Over the Counter
Save money online when buying medicine

There are a number of reasons why you may prefer to buy your medicine online, rather than over the counter. Often it comes down to being the more convenient option. Ordering medicine online means you can have it delivered directly to your door, which if you are feeling unwell or do not live close to a pharmacy is a far better option. Not only that but it means you will always have access to the medicines you need. You will never have to worry about your local pharmacy running out of stock and you having to go without.

Whilst you may already order your medicine online, did you know you could actually make big cost savings by purchasing it from UK sites instead? Here we’re going to talk about the benefits of buying medicines online in the UK, rather than over the counter.

Cheaper medicine in the UK

One of the main reasons you should be buying medicines online in the UK rather than over the counter is because it works out significantly cheaper. Visit a UK pharmacy website and compare the price of your medicine with the price you normally pay. Notice the difference? We thought so!

Not only does the UK offer medicines at cheaper prices but it also offers greater choice. A lot of the time you can buy own branded medicines, which are made using the same ingredients and do the same job, however they are far cheaper to purchase than branded names.

Save on the cost of shipping medicine from the UK

Right now we imagine you are thinking ‘yes UK medicines are cheaper but won’t I have to pay high shipping costs?’ and our answer to that is no! Whilst many UK pharmaceutical websites charge expensive international shipping fees or are only willing to deliver to UK addresses, we’ve found a way around it.

Simply use our parcel forwarding service and benefit from the same low cost delivery fees as those charged to residents of the UK.

We’ll give you a UK address to use for when you are making medicine orders from UK websites.
We’ll give you a UK address to use for when you are making medicine orders from UK websites.

How does parcel forwarding work?

Simply sign up to Parcel Flow for free and we will give you your own unique UK address to use when you are buying medicine online from UK websites. This will basically mean that instead of having to pay expensive international shipping fees, you can pay UK delivery costs (which are sometimes even free) instead. It also means that if the company only delivers to UK addresses, you can still place an order.

Once your order has gone through, it will then be delivered to our UK depot. From there, we will email you a list of different shipping services to choose from, all of which will be cheaper than usual, thanks to the discount we get for bulk deliveries. Once you’ve made up your mind, your medicine will be sent out and delivered directly to your door. You’ll have the medicine you need and you’ll have made significant cost savings in the process!

Another benefit of using our parcel forwarding services to buy medicine online in the UK is that you can build up loyalty points with our company. Every time you use Parcel Flow’s services, we will assign points to your account, which are redeemable on future service purchases, helping you to save even more money on shipping your medicine from the UK to your home country.

If you want to start saving on your medicine orders, sign up to Parcel Flow today. It won’t cost you a penny but it will help you make huge savings on your medicine and tablets.


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