Exporting from UK is Success Story for Scandinavian Traders

Exporting from UK is Success Story for Scandinavian Traders
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Despite having a population of under ten million, Sweden is the UK’s 10th largest export market, buying an average of £9.6bn worth of goods and services each year. However, it’s not just Sweden that is a fan of British goods. Other Scandinavian countries including Denmark, Finland and Norway are all big importers of UK goods and services.

Why export from the UK to Scandinavia?

Many Scandinavian traders are importing goods from the UK as a way of making big profits in their home countries. Popular goods include fashion clothing and sportswear, as well as baby products and pharmaceuticals.

One of the reasons Scandinavians are exporting from the UK to Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland is because the products are much cheaper in the UK than in their home countries. Buying products cheaply from the UK and importing them to these countries allows them to make a bigger profit when it comes to selling them on. Even with taxes and delivery to pay (something we will talk more about later) it still works out cheaper for traders in Scandinavia to utilise British exports.

Many Scandinavian traders import clothing from the UK to their home countries to offer customers more choice.
Many Scandinavian traders import clothing from the UK to their home countries to offer customers more choice.

Scandinavians have a general appreciation for British products and luxury goods but it’s not just the quality of the products they admire but the sheer choice. Many of the Scandinavian traders that use our parcel forwarding services have said that the main reason they export from the UK to their home country is that they have a wider selection of products to choose from.  This is especially true of kids and adults’ clothing, as well as sportswear offered by top UK retailers.

Shipping costs

Whilst there are many benefits of exporting from the UK to Scandinavian countries, you do have to factor in the cost of shipping. Many UK retailers charge international customers extremely high rates for shipping and others do not delivery internationally at all.

So what can you do to avoid the expensive charges and get round UK only shipping?

Well the simple answer is to make use of our parcel forwarding service. We already help many Scandinavian traders to buy UK goods online and have them delivered to Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

We are favoured for our cheap delivery prices and the fact that we offer our customers a number of different shipping services to choose from. With our help, sending parcels from the UK to Scandinavia is cheap, quick and hassle-free.

How does it work?

Sign up to Parcel Flow and we will provide you with your very own UK address. This means that when you are ordering UK goods online, instead of entering the address for your home in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland, you can instead use your British address. Doing this will not only allow you to benefit from lower (and sometimes even free) shipping costs but it will also mean that you can make an order from retailers that only offer UK delivery.

Once you have completed your order, it will then be sent to our UK based depot. We will then contact you to inform you of its arrival and provide you with a list of shipping services you can use to get your order delivered to your Scandinavian address for the cheapest possible price.

Scandinavian traders that are placing a number of orders from different UK websites simultaneously can also benefit from our consolidation service. This basically means that we will store your parcels until they have all arrived so we can ship them together and offer a combined rate.

Interested in using our parcel forwarding services to export goods from the UK to Scandinavia? Sign up for free today!


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