At Parcel Flow we pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to get our members the best deal. We know keeping costs down is very important for our members and work hard ensuring this, so that you return to parcel flow and make it your no. 1 parcel handler. Just look at what some of our most recent members had to say.

2022-12-20 Louis from madrid says :

Thanks for the recommendation paul TNT worked well

2022-04-15 javier from barcelona says :

thanks guys again

2019-08-12 andy from New York says :

thanks all arrived in good condition

2018-09-11 peter from Ireland says :

Cheers for your help and advice on consolidation- it did keep costs down

2017-04-07 Buck from New York says :

Great service and thxs again Paul

2016-11-11 Ben from Germany says :

Dear Parcelflow support, I ordered a package about 2 Weeks ago and just received my order. I am very happy about the handling and would like to say thank you. Now I would like to order another package

2016-05-05 Markus from Munich says :

hi, Guys just would like to confirm shoes arrived and thank you for your service and please keep good work up

2015-12-02 Juan from Madrid says :

Excelente trabajo!! Muchisinas gracias 100% RECOMENDABLE

2015-12-01 Ola from Bergen says :

Brilliant consolidation service and securely packaged. Thx Paul

2015-11-27 Steve from Sydney says :

Thanks guys are Disney Stuff arrived just in time for daughters birthday.

2015-10-14 Merick from Munich says :

Thank you for your assistance with my shoes, cleared customs with no hassle. Will use again.

2015-07-06 Ryan from Dallas says :

Awesome service guys, slick and quick the best :))

2015-05-11 Charles from Paris says :

Thx guys great job again

2015-02-02 Marcel from indonesia says :

Great job again guys, parcel arrived very quickly and well packaged.

2014-12-18 Dean from Sydney says :

Hi Guys, great service, thanks for repackaging, it really did save me money. I like the fact you do actually try to keep shipping costs down. Will recommend to friends your service

2014-11-04 Andre from lyon says :

Thank you sir for your speedy services. Love your loyalty points system- 250 points away from £25.00 shipping voucher so will make use over Christmas.

2014-09-24 Benny from Chile says :

Order received. Excellent service. I will spread the word here. Thanks a lot.

2014-09-24 Kari from Helsinki says :

Have used many Parcel forwarding services and I can honestly say that Parcelflow is the best. Why? Because they are the cheapest, keep me updated all the time, takes my feedback seriously and the\'re always trying to get even better. Parcel consolidation service is the best and saves me lots of money comparing to their competitors. I\'m very pleased that I found their service and can recommend sincerely to everybody around the world.\"

2014-09-18 Jake from Melbourne says :

Good work, package received yesterday and as for communication updates- always good. Thanks and will use again.

2014-08-11 Jerome from France says :

I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I spent about 6 months looking for these shoes as well The shoes are great, well packaged, lightning quick shipping. A real professional operation. Look forward to doing business again with you in the future.

2014-06-11 JB from Spain says :

Package was just received in good condition earlier today. Thanks for the service. Appreciate it. I surely will use ParcelFlow for future purchases from UK.

2014-04-27 Stephan from France says :

Thank you very much for your email. Fantastic service !.

2014-01-20 Claire from Dublin says :

have used Parcel Flow several times now, excellent communication throughout so cheers Parcel Flow and keep up the good work.

2013-12-19 Joe from Limerick says :

I signed up only three weeks ago after reading your price promise & have to say good job!! I received my first package quickly and price wise adding the additional costs I still saved money and got exactly what I wanted.

2013-12-04 Michael from Switzerland says :

Great service and good communication. They forwarded a mountain bike for me. The costs were not too bad and I could choose from various shipping methods.

2013-11-27 Seb from Spain says :

Good job & thanks again.

2013-11-14 John & Deidre (ex-pats) from Cologne says :

Thanks Parcel Flow, will recommend you to our friends & really appreciated your diligence in finding best courier options and relevant updates on packages.

2013-02-28 Aidan from Louth says :

This is a great service as I was able to order from the UK sites that normally prohibit me, and have them delivered to the Belfast depot and pick them up personally on my last trip to Belfast. I now shop online with that in mind.

2013-02-08 Brigette Lyon from France says :

Excellent job, love the easy style and format of site. Very reassuring was your parcel notification form. Thx.

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