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How do I earn my points?

Our generous rewards allows our loyal members to earn points as they shop with their favourite online retailers.

250 points earned for first order(This is the equivalent of £1.25 in shipping credit)

200 points earned for every order thereafter

Quick Repeat orders - Parcel Flow must receive and dispatch at least 4 single orders per month

200 points per consolidated order - 50 points for each consolidated parcel thereafter. 500 point Maximum on any consolidated order.

If you refer a friend who completes at least one order with Parcel Flow, you will receive 250 points - please email us for further details

Lucky strike ..coming soon

For a full list of points check out of points table on the right

More details can be found by clicking on the 'Spend my points' tab above

How do I spend my points?

There are 3 simple ways to cash in:

1. 2000 points will give you FREE handling

2. 5000 points will give FREE shipping up to £25 shipping voucher

3. 10000 points will give FREE shipping up to £50 shipping voucher

All points are based on our Terms & Conditions.

Our Terms of Trade for the Loyalty Program

Loyalty points cannot be moved between accounts

Points can only spent on this website and have no numerical value outside of this site.

£50.00 is the maximum courier value. Members will be responsible for extra carriage costs past this amount and billed accordingly.

Free courier is given to members who have saved an appropriate amount of points for either £25 or £50 pound carriage costs.

Courier value is only usable on parcel flow website and through member account.

Couriers are only booked through Parcel Flow.

All points are controlled by Parcel Flow.

Members will accept Parcel Flow decision on disputes as final.

Members will allow 5 business days for disputes to be resolved.

If at any time Parcel Flow limits, cancels or stops the loyalty program, members cannot take any further action, and they accept that their points have no numerical value and have no property rights.

Parcel Flow can alter amounts on consolidation, refer a friend and orders at any time, to reduce,increase or double on limited time offers at their pleasure.

If Parcel Flow ceases trading or goes into administration, Parcel Flow will have no responsibility, financially or otherwise to members for earned points

If Parcel Flow is sold, new owners will have final say on whether to continue with the loyalty program and will not be obligated to any member to do so.

By using this website you accept these conditions.

First time order 250
Every other order 200
Quick repeat 250
Parcel Consoldation 200 minimum
Refer a friend 250
Lucky Strike 1000